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Sensory - Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skill Difficulties


  • Poor motor coordination, may be clumsy or have unusual posture.

  • May struggle to judge distance (visual perception) which leads to falls and inability to catch a ball etc.

  • May struggle to judge their own position in space, find playground difficult to manoeuvre and spill food etc.

  • May struggle learning to run, ride a bike, climb steps, kick a ball, throw a ball etc.

  • May have problems with balance, coordination, muscle strength, muscle tone, control of force and pressure.


Activities to Develop Gross Motor Skills


  • Jumping on space hoppers.

  • Playing twister.

  • Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

  • Trampoline.

  • Exercise ball.

  • Climbing.

  • Tunnels.

  • Bike or trike.

  • Hopping and skipping.

  • Balancing on one leg.

  • Catch bubbles.

  • Pushing and pulling games.

  • Catching.

  • Kicking.


Fine Motor Skill Difficulties


  • May struggle with hand strength, grasp, manipulation and hand-eye coordination.

  • May find it difficult to use pen/pencil.

  • May hurt to hold pencil due to lack of strength in fingers.

  • May find it difficult to manipulate buttons, zips, laces and open things.

  • May have difficulty feeding themselves due to hand-eye coordination and manipulation of cutlery.


Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills


  • Play-doh.

  • Finger paint.

  • Beads.

  • Drawing and writing.

  • Colouring.

  • Cutting paper.

  • Lacing.

  • Twist lids.

  • Buttons and zippers.

  • Play instruments.

  • Tearing paper.

  • Squeezing.

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