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Sensory - Body Awareness

Body Awareness (Proprioception) (Hypersensitive)


  • Struggles with fine motor skills (buttons, tie shoes).

  • May turn whole body to look at something, instead of just their head.

  • Unaware of body position in space.

  • Clumsy and awkward.

  • Poor muscle tone, may appear floppy.

  • May lean on objects and people.

  • May bump into objects and people.


Body Awareness (Proprioception) (Hyposensitive)


  • Enjoys crashing, bumping into things, pushing and pulling.

  • Often stands too close to others.

  • Can be very tactile and enjoys bear hugs, play fighting etc.

  • Likes to squeeze into tight spaces.


Support for Proprioception


Movement Activities


  • Fine motor work such as threading beads, lace boards.

  • Running.

  • Jumping.

  • Kicking.

  • Climbing.

  • Chewing.

  • Squeezing.

  • Crawling.

  • Movement in a Body Sock.

  • Yoga.


Heavy Work Activities


  • Pushing heavy objects.

  • Pulling heavy objects.

  • Carrying heavy objects.

  • Doing Laundry.

  • Loading the Dishwasher.

  • Sweeping, mopping and wiping.

  • Raking and weeding the garden.


Deep Pressure Activities


  • Bear Hugs.

  • Using weighted products i.e. blankets, lap pads, heavy backpacks.

  • Deep pressure massage.

  • Rolling in a blanket.

  • Squeezing into small spaces.

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