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Online Support and Other Help

Below are some links to information that may be helpful to autistic individuals and their families.  If there are any links that you may find helpful but are not mentioned on this page, why not get in touch and we may be able to add it to our website. 

Online Support



Local Facebook Support


  • SHINE for Autism

  • SHINE for Autism Parents & Carers Group Page (Closed page for parent/carers)

  • Millom Parents and Carers Disability Group (Closed page for parent/carers)

  • Furness Parents and Carers Disability Forum (Closed page for parent/carers)

  • Autism Support UK: Parent & Carer (Closed page for parent/carers)

  • Cumbria Autism Network

  • Cumbria Autism Family Support Project

  • Autism Support Cumbria

  • Autism Support Allerdale and Copeland

  • SASN Autism Awareness

  • National Autistic Society – Furness Branch

  • Autus

  • Jemma Swales Autism Services (Autism Practitioner)

  • Autism and Disability Services – Nicola Brockbank (Millom Autism Support Worker and autism practitioner)

  • JDC Education & Support (Specialist Teacher and Advisor)

  • Autism Discussion Page

  • Jesse Evans - Autism Adventures – Local Blog

  • Our Autism Journey – Local Blog

  • Isaak’s World – Living with Autism – Local Blog

  • A Stitch Different Community Interest Company – Bespoke handmade therapy products and sensory items


Financial Support


  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – Allowance for children under 16 who need extra looking after or mobility problems.  DLA is not means tested.

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – Allowance for 16-64 year old who have difficulties with daily living or getting around (for over 3 months and expect it to continue for 9 months or more).  

  • Blue Badge for parking – If you have high rate of mobility on DLA/have a score of 8 or more on the ‘moving around’ section of PIP or are registered blind.

  • Motability – Offers an all-inclusive package that allows anyone in receipt of high rate of mobility on DLA/enhanced rate of mobility on PIP to use their mobility allowance to lease a car, scooter, powered wheelchair or wheelchair accessible vehicle.

  • Road Tax Exemption – Must be in receipt of high rate of mobility on DLA/enhanced rate of mobility on PIP and the vehicle must be used for the disabled person’s needs. 

  • Carers Allowance – A benefit for those earning less than £120 a week and spending over 35 hours a week caring for a disabled child or adult who has middle/high rate of care on DLA or any rate on PIP. This may affect the benefits of the person that you care for.  Please seek advice if you think this may be the case.

  • Carers Credit – You may also be entitled to Carer’s Credit so that there are no gaps in your National Insurance record. 

  • Parent Carers Need Assessment and Carers Assessment – An assessment of needs which is carried out by the Council.  If the assessment shows that the person you care for has eligible needs the council can either arrange support or you can request direct payments.  Direct payments enable you to arrange the support yourself.

  • Council Tax Reduction – You may be entitled to a council tax band reduction if you can prove you have an additional room or space that is needed because of a person’s disability and that they would not need this if they did not have a disability.

  • Personal Budgets – This is an amount of money that may be given by the Local Authority to provide support that has been identified in your child’s Education and Health Care Plan.

  • Home to School Transport – Your child may be entitled to help with School transport.

  • Disabled Facilities Grant – You may be entitled to a grant from your Local Authority if you need to make changes to your home due to your child’s disability i.e. wider doorways, stairlifts and moving bathrooms.

  • Family Fund – If things are tough financially, Family Fund may be able to help.  They give grants for washing machines, fridges and clothing.  They can also consider grants for sensory items, computers and holidays.

  • Merlin’s Magic Wand – Fund days out for children with serious illnesses and disabilities.  It may be worth looking to see if you may be eligible. 

  • Individual Grants are sometimes available for IT, bikes, and holidays.

  • Utility Bill savings, Insulation and Adaptations – Some companies can offer you help from their charitable trust schemes for those on certain benefits.  It may be worth looking to see if you may be eligible.

  • Priority Service Register – Energy providers have a priority service register that you can be added to.  You may then be entitled to free annual checks, bills in different formats and priority in an emergency.




  • Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew – Ellen Notbohm

  • The Reason I Jump – Naoki Higashida

  • A Boy Made of Blocks – Keith Stuart

  • The Autistic Brain – Temple Grandin

  • The Autism Discussion Page Anxiety – Bill Nason

  • The Autism Discussion Page Core Challenges – Bill Nason

  • The Little Book of the Autism Spectrum – Dr Samantha Todd

  • Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults – Dr Luke Beardon

  • Autism How to raise a happy autistic child – Jessie Hewitson

  • The Girl with the Curly Hair (Various Books) – Alis Rowe

  • Fingers in the Sparkle Jar – Chris Packham

  • All Cats have Asperger Syndrome – Kathy Hoopmann

  • Dude I’m an Aspie – Matt Friedman

  • My Superhero Brain – Christel Land

  • All My Stripes – Shaina Rudolph & Danielle Royer

  • He’s Not Naughty! A Children’s Guide to Autism – Deborah Brownson

Hospital Passport

A link to the Cumbria Partnership Learning Disabilities and Autism web page.  Here, you can download copies of the Hospital Passport for both adults and children.

Barnados MyTime Referal

A link to the Barnados MyTime leaflet.  This leaflet gives you information about My Time and how you can refer your child.

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