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SHINE for Autism Pebbles

During July SHINE for Autism decided to get involved in the pebble craze that has been taking over the local area. 

SHINE for Autism hid 20 numbered pebbles around Millom and Haverigg to create something fun for the kids during the beautiful weather and hopefully spread a little autism awareness in the process!


All of the SHINE for Autism Pebbles completed the sentence 'If all you see is AUTISM, you will miss...' and the first person to find each pebble received a little 'Well Done' prize. 


Lots of amazing people found our pebbles and even Meg the Dog got in on the act.  Hopefully we brightened up a few days and raised some awareness too!

Thank you to everyone that took part!  Keep your eyes peeled for our next wave of pebbles....

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