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SHINE for Autism 'Autistic Spectrum Condition Information Guide'


SHINE for Autism 'Autistic Spectrum Condition Information Guide'


As part of Autism Awareness Month we launched a comprehensive Parent/Carer Information Guide with the help of a grant from the CGP Trust.


Over the past year SHINE have been working hard on the guide alongside their website, which was launched in August 2018.


We decided to create an information guide for parent/carers due to the lack of resources that are available after diagnosis in the area. The guide contains strategies for many challenging issues such as sensory issues, food, toileting, communication and much more. It also contains information on further resources including online support, facebook support and financial support. SHINE hope that this resource will be a starting point for many families with a new diagnosis and will also help those who need support during diagnosis.


Nerissa Nicholas, Headteacher at St James' Catholic School in Millom praised the project stating "The information booklet is full of useful, practical advice & local information. It will be a great resource both for school staff & to share with parents, especially parents whose children have only recently been diagnosed. Parents often feel that once that has happened, they are then left on their own to find a way through. This is going to help point them in the right direction with lots of day to day issues & problems. It will also help them to realise that lots of others have struggled with the same things & that there is a support network out there."


The information guide will be distributed to schools, nurseries and other public places in the area, so that families are able to access the resource easily. Currently Haverigg Primary School, St James’ Catholic Primary School, Haverigg Nursery and Millom Library all have copies available for parent/carers to access. SHINE are hoping to provide a copy to all local schools over the next few months. 


Without the support of the local community SHINE for Autism would not be able to provide these services and we would like to thank all of the individuals/businesses in the area who have supported our work through donations.

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