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SHINE for Autism Handout Cards and

ID Cards

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SHINE for Autism Handout Cards and ID Cards


In August 2018 SHINE for Autism announced the launch of two more items, our Autism ID card and our Handout cards!


Parents have requested an Autism ID card that can be used in situations where autistic individuals may struggle to communicate, such as if they were to became lost.  SHINE for Autism's ID cards have a photo of the individual, situations they may find difficult and contact details.  An autism diagnosis is required for this item.


The ID cards can be purchased with a holder, lanyard and clip!


The second item, is another request from parents.  This time, for a card that can be handed out to bystanders when their child is having a difficult time in public.


Handout cards are business card size and come in bundles of 20.


E-mail if you live in the Broughton-in-furness to Waberthwaite areas and would like to place an order for either of these items.

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