Previous Events/Activities

Below is a list of previous events and activities that SHINE for Autism have organised for parents/carers of individuals on the autistic spectrum and the wider community.  We have included summaries of previous workshops for individuals who were unable to attend or for anyone who would just like to see what these workshops are about.  Please see the Upcoming Events/Activities tab for all future workshops. 

SHINE Sensory Break Boxes update


October 04, 2019

Update on the SHINE Sensory Break Boxes and Parent/Carer Information Guides.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard


September 20, 2019

Information on the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard.

Millom Cricket Club The Trios


July 20, 2019

Update on The Trios Competition at Millom Cricket Club.

The Lighthouse 10k


June 29, 2019

Update on The Lighthouse 10k.

2019 1K for £1K


April 01, 2019

Update on our 2019 1k for £1k School's Sponsored Walks.

SHINE Information Guide

March 31, 2019

We launch our new Autism Information Guide.

Autism Awareness Week Pebbles


March 31, 2019

Beautiful Autism Awareness Week Pebbles.

SHINE for Autism Handout Cards and ID Cards

August 21, 2018

Our new Handout Cards and ID Cards.

More SHINE for Autism Pebbles


July 20, 2018

More of our stunning Autism Awareness Pebbles.

SHINE for Autism Pebbles


July 06, 2018

Take a look at our Autism Awareness Pebbles.

OneFamily Update


May 20, 2018

How we have been spending our OneFamily funding.

2018 1K for £1K


March 29, 2018

Update on our 2018 1k for £1k School's Sponsored Walks.

Communication with Children Who are Verbal


March 21, 2018

Summary of the Communication with Children who are Verbal Workshop run by Jemma Swales.



March 21, 2018

Summary of the Meltdowns Workshop run by Jemma Swales.

Communication with Children Who are Non-verbal


February 21, 2018

Summary of the Communication with Children who are Non-verbal Workshop run by Jemma Swales.

Intensive Interaction


February 07, 2018

Summary of the Intensive Interaction Workshop run by Jemma Swales.

Violence and Self-injurious Behaviour


December 06, 2017

Summary of the Violence and Self-injurious Behaviour Workshop run by Jemma Swales.

Autism Rocks


November 25, 2017

Autism Rocks Fundraiser.

Food Issues


November 08, 2017

Summary of the Food Workshop run by Jemma Swales.

Sleep Issues


November 01, 2017

Summary of the Sleep Workshop run by Jemma Swales.

Toileting Issues


October 17, 2017

Summary of the Toileting Workshop run by Jemma Swales.

Understanding Anxiety


October 10, 2017

Summary of the Understanding Anxiety Workshop run by Jemma Swales.

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